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Ondas Holdings' Airobotics Secures Service Agreement with Government Entity for Ongoing Support

Agreement is the latest in a series of contracts and collaborations in the United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Agreement was signed following the successful implementation of the Optimus Systems fleet as part of an urban drone infrastructure solution for public safety and emergency response applications in the city of Dubai

Optimus Systems have been extensively utilized by the local government entity, carrying out thousands of operational drone flights without human intervention under challenging environmental conditions and in densely populated areas

WALTHAM, MA / ACCESSWIRE / July 7, 2023 / Ondas Holdings Inc. (NASDAQ:ONDS) ("Ondas" or the "Company"), a leading provider of private industrial wireless networks and commercial drone and automated data solutions, announced today that its wholly-owned subsidiary Airobotics has signed an annual service agreement for the ongoing maintenance of the Optimus Systems purchased and operated by a local government entity in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE). The new service agreement includes ongoing support services and the development of new communication features that will be implemented across the installed fleet of the Optimus Urban Drone Infrastructure across the city of Dubai.

The deployed fleet of Optimus Systems has been extensively utilized by the local government entity, carrying out thousands of operational drone flights without human intervention under challenging environmental conditions and in densely populated areas. Airobotics worked towards developing joint activities in the fields of common interest, making the Optimus System align with the operational goals of the governmental entity and implementing AI technologies to enhance the system's performance.

Airobotics believes that the Optimus Urban Drone Infrastructure will be widely deployed across the city of Dubai and has the potential to grow to more than 20 systems over the next several years.

"We expect additional demand for commercial fleet deployments in other global markets," said Eric Brock, Chairman and CEO of Ondas. "The effectiveness of the Optimus System is proven during our operations in Dubai, and we are looking forward to replicating this success in other cities around the world."

"We are proud to continue providing the Optimus Urban Drone Infrastructure to the benefit of our partners in Dubai," said Meir Kliner, Airobotics' CEO. "The Optimus System is proving its maturity and has already conducted thousands of flights over highly populated areas."

The Optimus System is designed to operate as a network of smart drones linked to an urban control center and functions as a municipal infrastructure providing a variety of automated data solutions. The primary function of the deployed Urban Drone Infrastructure is to shorten response times of security and rescue forces to emergency situations, support law enforcement and homeland security activities, and streamline diverse services provided by the municipality for the public's benefit. Airobotics is also examining drone parcel delivery and other smart city applications to be provided by the infrastructure in Dubai.

Airobotics is active in the UAE and additional countries and has plans with other customers to establish a permanent infrastructure that relies on fleets of automated drones that do not require on-the-ground human intervention to operate. The Optimus drones can operate as a task force that can simultaneously collect and provide critical information for a variety of customer requirements. The Airobotics drone infrastructure is specifically designed for urban environments and strategic facilities that require immediate security, monitoring, and emergency response. Each system within the infrastructure framework includes a smart airbase enabling automated battery changes for 24/7 operations, along with the automated loading and installation of sensors appropriate for each specified mission. Each system covers an area of up to 30 square miles surrounding an airbase. Drone flights can be tasked to carry specific sensors, enabling every drone in the system to execute diverse tasks. The drones can be activated for complex longer-term operations, with flights overseen by remote operators in a command-and-control.

About Ondas Holdings Inc

Ondas Holdings Inc. ("Ondas") is a leading provider of private wireless data solutions via Ondas Networks Inc. ("Ondas Networks") and commercial drone solutions through American Robotics, Inc. ("American Robotics" or "AR") and Airobotics LTD ("Airobotics"), which we operate as a separate business unit called Ondas Autonomous Systems.

Ondas Networks is a developer of proprietary, software-based wireless broadband technology for large established and emerging commercial and government markets. Ondas Networks' standards-based (802.16s), multi-patented, software-defined radio FullMAX platform enables Mission-Critical IoT (MC-IoT) applications by overcoming the bandwidth limitations of today's legacy private licensed wireless networks. Ondas Networks' customer end markets include railroads, utilities, oil and gas, transportation, aviation (including drone operators) and government entities whose demands span a wide range of mission critical applications.

Our Ondas Autonomous Systems business unit designs, develops, and markets commercial drone solutions via the Optimus System™, the Scout System™ and the Raider™ (the "Autonomous Drone Platforms"). The Autonomous Drone Platforms are highly automated, AI-powered drone systems capable of continuous, remote operation and are marketed as "drone-in-a-box" turnkey data solution services. They are deployed for critical industrial and government applications where data and information collection and processing are required. The Autonomous Drone Platforms are typically provided to customers under a Robot-as-a-Service (RAAS) business model. American Robotics and Airobotics have industry leading regulatory successes which include having the first drone system approved by the FAA for automated operation beyond-visual-line-of-sight (BVLOS) without a human operator on-site.

Ondas Networks, American Robotics and Airobotics together provide users in oil & gas, rail, mining, agriculture, public safety and other critical infrastructure and government markets with improved connectivity and data collection and information processing capabilities.

For additional information on Ondas Holdings, visit or follow Ondas Holdings on Twitter andLinkedIn. For additional information on Ondas Networks, visit or follow Ondas Networks on Twitter and LinkedIn. For additional information on American Robotics, visit or follow American Robotics on Twitter and LinkedIn. For additional information on Airobotics, visit or follow Airobotics on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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