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Counter-Drone Solutions

AI-powered autonomous capture. Intercepts and disables hostile drones with ballistic net.

Iron-Drone-Raider and Case
Homland Security
Military Bases

The Iron Drone® system is an advanced counter-drone solution, designed to defend assets against hostile drones in complex environments with minimal collateral damage. Iron Drone is a fully automated intercepting system designed to eliminate small drones without using GPS or RF jamming. Launched from a designated pod, the intercepting drone flies autonomously towards targets under radar guidance, then identifies and "locks on" to the target using proprietary computer vision and artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities. The intercepting drone follows the target, then incapacitates and captures it and using a ballistic net and a parachute to safely lower it to the ground.

As the threat of nefarious use of drones grows, this is a critical public safety and homeland security tools with valuable applications in cities, stadiums, military bases, energy facilities, and other high-risk assets and sites. 


Homeland Security


Military Bases


Stadiums & Public Events

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Industrial Facilities



Industrial Facilities
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