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Autonomous Drones

The world's most advanced autonomous drone solutions. Designed for industrial and government applications.

Urban Infrastructure (AD)


When deployed for smart city applications, Optimus Systems™ are designed to operate as a network of smart drones linked to an urban control center, functioning as a municipal infrastructure that provide a variety of automated data solutions. In 2022, we became the first company to deploy fleets of autonomous drone systems in an urban environment, with Dubai and Abu Dhabi being the first cities to adopt this technology.

Optimus Drone Urban Environment
Smart City
Public Safety
Public Safety.jpg


Our autonomous drone systems shorten the response times of security and rescue forces to emergency situations, supporting law enforcement and homeland security activities, and streamlining diverse public safety services. 

Oil and Gas (AD)


With over 900,000 oil & gas wells and 500,000 miles of pipeline in the United States alone, autonomous drone systems are a critical enabling of next-generation efficiency and sustainability. This need is further increased by global efforts to reduce methane emissions, including the EPA's recent updates to U.S. oil & gas regulations. Our industrial-grade autonomous drone technology is ideally suited to overcome these challenges. 

Construction (AD)


The Optimus System provides construction sites with automated geo-visual progress monitoring to reduce rework and timeline risk. Using Lidar and high resolution imagery sensors, our autonomous drone systems can produce orthomosaics, digital elevation models (DEMs), 3D models, and lidar point clouds to support activities in heavy excavation, infrastructure construction, transportation construction, and heavy industrial construction. 

Defense (AD)
Mining and Aggregates
Army Soldiers

Mining & Aggregates

Defense & HLS

Our autonomous drone technology provides mines and bulk material sites with the ability to track inventory autonomously on a daily basis. Using high-precision volumetrics, our full-stack solution automatically surveys the area, calculates pile volume, and outputs analysis to the end user.

The Optimus System is the most advanced and reliable autonomous "drone-in-a-box" system on the market. This technology is ideally suited to support defense and homeland security applications. Optimus Systems can be installed on borders, at military bases, and at other high-value, high-risk locations to enable continuous, 24/7 autonomous ISR in rugged environments.

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