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Business Units

Ondas Networks’ FullMAX™ software defined radio (SDR) connectivity enables the deployment of intelligent data applications across a broad range of industrial markets, including Rail, Utilities, and Oil &Gas. FullMAX™, an end-to-end platform, maximizes data capacity, efficiently allocates bandwidth, and prioritizes mission-critical applications. FullMAX™ adoption by Class I Railroads has begun, with FCC mandates requiring the 900MHz network upgrade by 2025. As a result of its industry-leading platform, Siemens has partnered with Ondas to deliver network solutions on the IEEE 802.16 (“dot16”) wireless standard to customers including BNSF and CSX. Ondas estimates the total addressable market for the North American Rail market alone is over $1.3 billion.

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Ondas Autonomous Systems (OAS) is a leading commercial drone developer and services provider in the projected $120 billion winner-take-most commercial drone market. OAS was the first approved by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for fully autonomous operations in the U.S. and is in the final stages of obtaining Type Certification approval for U.S. flight operations over people and in urban areas. Our product portfolio includes the Optimus System™, a fully automated data capturing and analysis infrastructure for continuous 24/7 drone operations without human intervention. In addition to enterprise customers in the Oil & Gas and Construction markets,, OAS has recently announced public safety and smart city deployments in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). With contracts for urban infrastructure in both Dubai and Abu Dhabi, OAS has the world’s first drone fleet to be deployed in urban settings. 

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