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Founded in 2016, American Robotics is a pioneer in the autonomous drone sector. The company's advanced technologies enable industrial customers, including oil & gas, mining, and bulk materials, to monitor and inspect their assets on a daily basis with no additional personnel. This is achieved through the American Robotics Scout System, a fully-autonomous "drone-in-a-box" platform capable of 24/7 operation without any on-site staff.

The Scout System is an end-to-end solution, capable of autonomously planning missions, executing missions, capturing data, processing data, transferring data to the cloud, recharging the drone, and storing the drone in between flights. Once installed, a fleet of of autonomous Scout Systems can perform multiple missions per day. 

In 2021, American Robotics became the first drone manufacturer approved by the FAA for fully-autonomous operations with no pilots or visual observers on site. This historic achievement, enabled by a portfolio of unique safety technologies and intellectual property, was covered by the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post, Fox, Reuters, Business Insider, The Hill, Engadget, and the Verge, among other national publications. American Robotics is a recognized industry leader, serving on the board of the Commercial Drone Alliance (CDA), the FAA BVLOS Aviation Rulemaking Committee (ARC), and an invited industry representation to the inaugural White House Summit on Advanced Aerial Mobility (AAM). 

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