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AR Optimus
American Robotics

Founded in 2016, American Robotics emerged as a pioneer in the autonomous drone sector, revolutionizing industrial operations for sectors like oil & gas, mining, and bulk materials. The Scout System™, a fully-autonomous "drone-in-a-box" platform, reshaped asset monitoring and inspection by autonomously planning and executing missions, capturing and processing data, and operating 24/7 without on-site staff. In 2021, American Robotics achieved a historic milestone, becoming the first FAA-approved drone manufacturer for fully-autonomous operations, eliminating the need for on-site pilots or visual observers.

Today, American Robotics stands at the forefront of drone technology with the Optimus System. In 2023, the Optimus 1-EX Drone secured Type Certification from the FAA, marking it as the first non-air carrier drone designed for autonomous security and data capture. American Robotics continues to lead the industry, actively contributing to the advancement of autonomous drone applications, shaping the future of industrial operations with efficiency and innovation.

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