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Business Areas

Our corporation and global business units are organized around the four areas of focus

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Mission Critical Networks

Ondas Networks provides wireless connectivity solutions enabling mission-critical Industrial Internet applications and services. We refer to these applications as the Mission-Critical Internet of Things (“MC-IoT”). Our FullMAX™ wireless networking products are applicable to a wide range of MC-IoT applications, which are most often located at the very edge of large industrial networks. These applications require secure, real-time connectivity with the ability to process large amounts of data at the edge of large industrial networks. Such applications are required in all of the major critical infrastructure markets, including rail, electric grids, drones, oil and gas, and public safety, homeland security and government, where secure, reliable and fast operational decisions are required in order to improve efficiency and ensure a high degree of safety and security. 


Autonomous Drones 

Through Ondas Autonomous Systems, we provide our customers with turnkey data and information solutions designed to meet their unique requirements in the field. We do this via our internally developed Optimus System™, a highly automated commercial drone platform which provides customers with the ability to continuously digitize, analyze, and monitor their assets and field operations in real-time or near real-time. Additionally, our subsidiary companies, American Robotics and Airobotics, have industry leading regulatory successes which include having the first drone system approved by the Federal Aviation Administration (“FAA”) for automated operation beyond-visual-line-of-sight (BVLOS) without a human operator or visual observer on-site. American Robotics’ FAA approvals were enabled by integrating a suite of proprietary technologies, including Detect-and-Avoid (“DAA”) and other proprietary intelligent safety systems into its autonomous drone platform. Airobotics is in the advanced stages of receiving approval for Type Certification (“TC”) from the FAA for the Optimus UAV. TC approval will enable expanded operation for the Optimus System™ in the United States including flight operations in populated areas. 


Counter-Drone Solutions 

Through our Iron Drone™ technology, we offer a best-in-class counter-drone solution. The Raider™ is designed to detect, track and intercept unauthorized, or hostile unmanned aircraft and is most often sold with three small UAVs that are housed in a docking station. The Raider UAV has live video capability and a payload containing a net that can be deployed to intercept a hostile drone. Upon detection of an unauthorized drone, one or more Raider™ UAVs can be autonomously deployed at high speeds to track the unauthorized aircraft. If the unauthorized aircraft is deemed hostile, the Raider™ UAV autonomously deploys the netting to physically intercept the aircraft. A parachute integrated with the netting allows the intercepted drone to safely fall to the ground for collection by our customer. As the threat of nefarious use of drones grows, this is a critical public safety and homeland security tool with valuable applications in cities, stadiums, airports, military bases, energy facilities, and other high-risk assets and sites. 


Artificial Intelligence 

Central to our value-add in many of our product lines is artificial intelligence (AI), both in the autonomous technologies that power them as well as the analytics software that we provide our end-users. Our artificial intelligence software is embedded within our products to enable capabilities such as autonomous path planning, autonomous precision landing, and object classification and detection. We also have a growing portfolio of customer-facing AI products, including oil & gas asset inspection algorithms and the Ardenna Rail-Inspector™ product, designed for drone-based inspection of rail tracks. 

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