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Mission Critical Networks

Next-generation private wireless networks for industrial applications. Built on the dot16 wireless standard.

Image by NASA
Airlink Venus

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From commercial and passenger rail operations to self-driving vehicles and aviation, there are a whole host of transportation applications that our FullMAX technology is suited for. Our networks can provide either a primary network for enhanced security, reliability and availability or a secondary network for redundancy, ensuring industrial-strength connectivity to keep transportation operations on track.

Network Powerlines
Union Pacific Train


The push for highly advanced automation in electric, gas and water utility operations has created a demand for more reliable and secure wireless data networks. Utilities are establishing a new, more reliable Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), referred to as Mission Critical Internet of Things (MC-IoT), to manage thousands of remote devices in the field, including low-cost edge-computing devices, which streamlines operational efficiency. 

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Oil and Gas

Oil & Gas

Oil & gas companies rely heavily on the continual performance of their assets to meet production goals since without them, production comes to a grinding halt. Drilling, extraction, and trucking equipment can cost millions of dollars and any damage or disruption in communications with these technologies can be detrimental to operations and the company’s profitability. To protect assets and boost operational performance, many oil & gas companies are implementing IIoT ‘smart fields’ for remote communication and management of both onshore and offshore equipment.

Maritime Borders
Oil Tank


Federal, state and local governments continue to advance and automate their operations with the Industrial Internet. Applications vary across each level however, due to the mission-critical nature of these operations, its vital for the IIoT networks to be available across a wide range of varied terrain, reliable in its resilience and continued real-time data delivery, and secure enough to mitigate threats from natural disasters or cyberattacks.

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