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Artificial Intelligence

Enabling the industrial metaverse through cutting-edge AI. 

Oil & Gas Monitoring

How does AI enhance inspection of oil and gas assets and facilities?

Millions of oil & gas assets around the world require routine monitoring and inspection to ensure proper maintenance and operation. AI software is ideally suited to sift through massive amounts of high-resolution drone-based imagery data to find anomalies and detect issues.

Loss of Containment Oil Spill Inspection

Automatically detect oil leaks with drone-based imagery to reduce maintenance costs and reduce regulatory fines.

Fugitive Emissions and Gs Leak Inspection

Automatically detect methane emissions and other GHGs with drone-based imagery to reduce maintenance costs and regulatory fines.

Rail Monitoring

Rail Inspection

Our proprietary AI product, the Ardenna Rail-Inspector, is the leader in image processing, machine learning (ML), and artificial intelligence (AI) software for drone-based aerial inspection of railroad assets. Built upon seven years of R&D with tier-1 rail customers including BNSF, Rail-Inspector delivers objective and quantitative data, providing a comprehensive digital record of the rail infrastructure’s condition.


Rail companies benefit from both the rapid turn-around of inspection results and the monitoring of asset health over time, enabling data-driven maintenance decisions that reduce costs, improve worker and operational safety, improve regulatory compliance, and reduce the risk of derailment.

AI capabilities include automatic detection of rail gage, broken rails, cross tie health, cross tie skew, cross tie separation, ballast coverage, fastener presence, joint gaps, and switch point health.

Smart Cities

How does AI enhance smart cities and urban drone infrastructure?

The number of applications for autonomous drones in smart cities is vast. These include emergency response, infrastructure inspection, utilities inspection, disaster assessment and support, medical emergency delivery, business compliance audits, land use investigations, port surveillance, and more. Our team of data science experts can apply AI-powered software to automatically analyze data sets.

Smat City Urban Environment

AI-powered security

Regular surveillance and monitoring is critical for many industrial and government customers with high-value assets and sites. Our autonomous drones can conduct 24/7 on-demand aerial security patrols and scheduled surveillance missions. We can combine this with AI-powered software to detect intruders, suspicious changes in environment, or breaks in the permiter.


AI-powered construction

Heavy construction projects require constant progress monitoring to stay on budget and on time. Our autonomous systems can monitor heavy construction sites utilizing high resolution RGB and LIDAR sensors. Once collected, AI software processes these data sets to produce orthomosaics, 3D models, and point clouds. 

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