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Ondas Autonomous Systems

Ondas Autonomous Systems (OAS) develops advanced, industry-leading autonomous drone and robotics platforms for industrial data collection, package delivery, artificial intelligence (AI), and counter-drone applications. Airobotics, American Robotics, Iron Drone, and Ardenna comprise the Ondas Autonomous Systems business unit. 

American Robotics
Iron Drone
Airobotics_White and Orange Horizontal Logo

Airobotics is the developer Optimus System™, the world's most advanced autonomous drone system. Optimus enables fully-automated data capturing and analysis infrastructure for continuous 24/7 drone operations without human intervention. Using its robotic arm, Optimus can swap its own batteries and payload, enabling continuous multi-function operations in urban and other complex environments.

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American Robotics_Red and White Horizontal Logo

American Robotics provides the most cutting-edge autonomous drone system globally, Optimus System™. The Optimus drone infrastructure facilitates fully-automated data capture and analysis infrastructure, allowing for uninterrupted 24/7 drone operations without the need for human intervention. With its robotic arm, Optimus is capable of autonomously exchanging batteries and payload, enabling seamless multi-functional operations in urban and other challenging environments.

Iron Drone Logo_White and Orange

The Iron Drone® system is an advanced, fully-autonomous counter-drone solution, designed to defend assets against hostile drones in complex environments with minimal collateral damage and without using GPS or RF jamming. Launched from a designated pod, the intercepting drone flies autonomously towards targets under radar guidance, then identifies and "locks on" to the target using proprietary computer vision and artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities, capturing it using a ballistic net and a parachute to safely lower it to the ground.

Ardenna Logo_Main

Ardenna is the leader in image processing, machine learning (ML), and artificial intelligence (AI) software for drone-based aerial inspection of railroad assets. Built upon seven years of R&D with tier-1 rail customers including BNSF, Ardenna’s platform, Rail-Inspector, delivers objective and quantitative data, providing a comprehensive digital record of the rail infrastructure’s condition. AI capabilities include automatic detection of rail gage, broken rails, cross tie health, cross tie skew, cross tie separation, ballast coverage, fastener presence, joint gaps, and switch point health.

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