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Mission-critical networks, autonomous drones, and AI

Ondas Holdings (Nasdaq: ONDS) is a leading provider of technology platforms that digitize industrial and government operations. We work with blue-chip customers and partners, and Ondas is now at an inflection point in revenue growth. Our subsidiaries include Ondas Networks, American Robotics, Airobotics, Iron Drone, and Ardenna. Ondas companies have offices in Massachusetts, California, and Israel.

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Our two business units, Ondas Networks and Ondas Autonomous Systems, together provide customers in rail, energy, public safety, critical infrastructure, and government markets with mission-critical networks, autonomous drones, counter-drone solutions, and artificial intelligence capabilities.

Our companies are global leaders in state-of-the-art data and automation products, targeting industrial and government users in an estimated $130 billion combined global addressable market. Our staff are industry experts with decades of experience developing and commercializing advanced technologies.

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Optimus-1EX Uncrewed Aircraft is the first non-air carrier drone designed for autonomous security and data capture that has been granted Type Certification by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

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The $25 million gross proceeds from these financings are planned to support the growth of Ondas Holdings and its business units.

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