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Ondas Acquires American Robotics to Define the Value of Drones Operating at Scale

By Jeremiah Karpowicz | August 10, 2021

Mergers, acquisitions and shake-ups across the drone have made plenty of headlines over the years. Some of them are about an opportunity that a given company recognized while others are connected to a much a bigger strategy. With the news that Ondas Holdings Inc. has completed the acquisition of American Robotics, Inc., what can we say about how American Robotics fits into the Ondas strategy or what kind of new opportunities will be created as a result of it?

Ondas provides private wireless network platform to industrial markets but is specifically focused on the critical infrastructure markets. These organizations are in charge of the electric grid, oil and gas pipelines, railroads and other pieces of literal infrastructure that support the entire country. Managing these assets is no small task, especially when the effort to do so is often dependent on outdated technology.

Source: Commercial UAV News


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