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Ondas Holdings’ Airbotics Inks $2.6M Optimus Drone Deal in Dubai

Bruce Crumley | November 7, 2023

Communication systems and aerial tech firm Ondas Holdings has announced its Airobotics unit has secured a $2.6 million contract with Dubai to supply its Optimus drone platform for public safety and emergency response deployment.

Ondas said the agreement with Dubai will extend the existing network its unnamed local government client founded in 2020 for aerial public safety purposes. To that end, Airobotics will supply its Optimus drone system for security and emergency response across the United Arab Emirates’ (UAE) largest and most populated city.

According to Ondas, the automated Airobotics Optimum package – which includes a UAV, docking station, software, and operating tech – has already been used by public organizations in Dubai to perform “thousands of operational drone flights without human intervention under challenging environmental conditions.”

Source: DroneDJ


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