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Autonomous Drones Usher in a New Century of Aviation

By Jeremiah Karpowicz MARCH 31, 2021

Creating a “complete drone solution” is a concept we’ve talked about for many years now, with definitions that vary depending on the need and application. While the notion is typically focused on hardware and software, the underlying assumptions associated with this sort of solution are tied to autonomous capabilities that allow users to quickly and easily utilize a drone to perform numerous tasks. During the Autonomous Drones & AI session at the AI + Industry Summit, participants got a sense of how these expectations and capabilities have evolved.

Moderated by Danielle Gagne from Commercial UAV News, the discussion saw Brendan Groves, Head of Regulatory and Policy Affairs at Skydio join Reese Mozer, CEO & Co-Founder of American Robotics, to discuss the way in which the autonomous capabilities of drones are set to define the future of the technology and the drone industry as a whole.

Source: Commercial UAV News


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