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American Robotics, Infrared Cameras Partner for Oil and Gas Inspection

By DRONELIFE Staff Writer Ian M. Crosby | November 06, 2022

American Robotics announced the formation of a strategic technology partnership with thermal camera and infrared system developer Infrared Cameras Inc. (ICI).

American Robotics’ autonomous Scout System drone, with the integration of ICI’s optical gas imaging (OGI) and thermal sensors, will possess the necessary technology to automate the inspection of oil and gas assets and the detection of methane leaks.

“American Robotics continues to see some of the oil and gas industry’s largest companies focus on integrating autonomous drones into their operations to conduct regular site inspections and ensure employee safety,” said American Robotics co-founder and CEO Reese Mozer. “Through our strategic technology partnership with ICI, we continue to expand our product offerings with key features tailor made for the oil and gas industry, enabling customers to automate inspections of critical assets such as tanks, pipes and pumps. Importantly, the solutions being developed in connection with our ICI partnership are designed to meet specific customer requests.”

Source: Drone Life


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