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Stockpile Reports Chooses American Robotics to Build Out Automated Drone Program

By Robotics 24/7 Staff · July 9, 2021

American Robotics Inc., which provides fully autonomous commercial drones, yesterday said that Stockpile Reports will use its Scout system to build out its automated drone program. The companies said that the ability to operate unmanned aerial vehicles without any humans on the ground will enable Stockpile Reports and its users to collect data in new ways.

“The bulk materials industry suffers chronic financial write-offs due to a lack of accurate inventory data, and Stockpile Reports helps customers solve problems with inventory using on-demand measurements from image processing, stated David Boardman, founder and CEO of Stockpile Reports. “As experts in 3D reconstruction and digitization, we know what it means to dance on the edge of innovation.”

“Autonomous drones will provide an opportunity to aggressively scale the real-time digitization of large industrial stockpiled materials,” he added. “Our strategic customers will use autonomous drones to drive operational efficiency.”

Source: Robotics 24/7


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