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Beyond The Buzz: How American Robotics is Separating Itself in the Drone Market

July 22, 2021

The world of business is full of empty promises masquerading as the next “big thing.” From pitch comps in high schools to stakeholder meetings for the Fortune 100, you hear the same claim; that this service, or that product will be a total game-changer.

As proof, all we have to do is take a little look into the past. Back in 1957, Ford dove in headfirst into “the next best thing,” also known as the Ford Edsel. But consumer preferences were evolving quickly, and no one wanted a big, bulky gas-guzzling car anymore. After a few years, and $400 million dollars down the drain, it was quickly taken off the market. Or what about when Coors tried to sell its “rocky mountain spring water” to its customers? Another flop. Turns out beer drinkers only want one thing from their favorite beer brand. Or let’s think back to when everyone thought they had to offer phones to their customers. Amazon, Facebook, and ESPN all took a swing at the opportunity only to realize they overpromised and underdelivered.



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