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American Robotics Gets FAA Approval to Deploy Drones Without Operators at Seven Additional Sites

By Robotics 24/7 Staff · April 27, 2022

Ondas Holdings Inc. today announced that its American Robotics Inc. subsidiary has received approval from the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration to operate drones the beyond visual line of sight in seven additional locations. The company said it can now operate without human operators on site at a total of 10 sites across eight U.S. states.

“American Robotics is excited to have seven additional sites of operation approved by the FAA,” stated Reese Mozer, co-founder and CEO of American Robotics. “As we continue to build upon our offerings, we look forward to providing current and future customers with the tools needed to unlock scalable, autonomous drone operations that will help propel their businesses and critical industries forward.”

“Not only is this a milestone for American Robotics, but it is also another signal that we have reached an inflection point in commercial drone operations in the U.S., and American Robotics is proud to be at the forefront of these industry advancements,” he added.

Source: Robotics 24/7


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