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Airobotics’ New AI-Powered Anti-Drone System Uses Net, Parachute to Capture Hostile Aircraft

Ishveena Singh | March 7, 2023

Drone-in-a-box solution specialist Airobotics has launched a fully-automated anti-drone solution, Iron Drone, at the ongoing World Police Summit in Dubai. Instead of relying on GPS or RF jamming, the new AI-powered counter-drone technology uses a net and parachute system to capture the target aircraft.

Iron Drone is designed especially for intercepting hostile small drones in areas where the use of jamming is prohibited, such as airports, populated areas, and critical infrastructures. Here’s how the system works.

When a suspicious target is detected by the external drone detection system, Iron Drone launches a RAIDER interceptor aircraft from a designated pod to autonomously fly toward the target under radar guidance. Then, the intercepting drone identifies and “locks on” to the target using its day/night camera and computer vision capabilities. At the same time, it begins to provide live video of the rogue drone to a human operator.

Source: Drone DJ


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