Connectivity Solutions for

Mission Critical IIoT


The push for highly advanced automation in electric and water utility operations has created a demand for more reliable and secure wireless data networks. Utilities are establishing a new Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) to manage thousands of remote devices in the field, including low-cost edge-computing devices, which streamlines operational efficiency.

At inception, Ondas was dedicated solely to developing network and data communication technologies, including its line of software defined radios (SDRs), for the electric utility industry. The stringent communication requirements of electric utilities helped to shape Ondas’ private network technologies, which today are being implemented by other mission-critical industries that demand heightened security, reliability and availability.

Ondas’ water and electric utility customers utilize these private network solutions to establish IIoT connectivity for automated operations and enhanced security against various threats to data disruption including cyber and natural disasters. For electric utilities specifically, these networks help to create smart grids that are closer to providing ‘perfect power’ and enable the incorporation of new distributed energy resources. Our network solutions are often used for higher-level functions like substation automation and distribution automation (DA), including circuit breakers, switches, capacitor bank controllers, and even solar inverters.